Ziplining in Puerto Rico

What’s a trip to an island with a tropical rainforest without zip lining?

We were amped up for our trip to Toro Verde Nature Adventure Park (top-ranked on Trip Advisor), but upon arriving we were told that the park was closed down for a few hours for a private event.

To pass the time, we settled into a nearby bar with a great view of the mountains and began speculating about who could have reserved the park. We saw that Beyoncé had done it once, which got all of us buzzing about which celebrity it could be.

Ziplining in Puerto Rico

At the local watering hole, daydreaming about what our celebrity sighting might be.

Turns out it was RICKY MARTIN. Hey, Latin Lover! (I wish I would have had the presence of mind to yell that to him when he drove by in his Range Rover. Next time.)

Afer that was settled, the park eventually opened up and we got geared up for our adventure. But first we had to do our best “Toro Verde” impression before we could be on our way (nerd alert).

Then it was time for action! First up were five rickety wooden bridges. My balance and strength were certainly tested, but thankfully I didn’t miss any steps and embarrass myself in front of my friends.

The best bridge of the five was the one that stopped halfway across a ravine, which required everyone to rappel down to the forest floor. I had never done it before and it was an awesome feeling! I felt like I was flying (ok, falling) as I plunged through the canopy toward the ground. It was thrilling!

Then came zip lining. First up was a very long traditional zip line that offered fantastic views over the mountains and out to the Caribbean. We could see so far in the distance that the water is barely discernible in any photos. Awesome.

But the most exhilarating one was still to come. A zip line where you are laying flat on your belly in a flying position and launched from a platform on top of a deep canyon. You can bet I said a couple prayers before this one, and I’m not even afraid of heights.

Ziplining in Puerto Rico

Flying head first over canyons.

It really felt like flying. Until the point when my speed began to slow…and then get slower…and then stop. Next thing I knew, I was marooned on a zip line hundreds of feet in the air over a deep forest canyon. What nightmares are made of!

But it was all ok and apparently routine (I just wish we would have gotten that heads up beforehand!). One of the zip line operators pulled some Indiana Jones moves to retrieve me, and before I knew it I was back on terra firma.

As as scary as it was for a minute, I left wanting to go back and do it again. When else in your life do you truly get to experience what it’s like to be an eagle flying high over the mountains? Without a doubt, this will be on my short list the next time I visit Puerto Rico.

Zip lining in Puerto Rico

The view of the forest from the Toro Verde parking lot.