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About Life As Marissa

A travel lifestyle blog

Life As Marissa is a website for those who are infinitely curious. Curious to see the world around them, to experience new and different things, and to learn about people and cultures. Using Marissa’s life as a model, the blog provides accessible “travel lifestyle” inspiration including curated travel recommendations, advice, perspectives, reviews, and tips for how anyone can build a similar lifestyle of their own. 


Marissa began Life As Marissa in July 2016, and relaunched the site in January 2017 after undergoing major front- and back-end updates. The blog’s growing digital influence is summarized below. Please reach out directly for additional website data.


  • 86% unique visitors
  • 64% female
  • 44% age 25-34, 23% age 35-44
  • 67% USA, 4% UK, 4% Canada

Social Media

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A communications consultant by trade, Marissa works with top global brands on a daily basis. She understands the importance of consistently delivering great work & producing content that inspires target audiences to take action.

Marissa provides the following services for brands, publications, and fellow travelers. Use the contact form below to reach out for further information or to begin a conversation about how we can work together.

  • Destination & product reviews
  • Press trips
  • Curated itinerary development & travel planning
  • Photography
  • Product reviews
  • Sponsored articles
  • Guest posts
  • Social media takeovers