If Washington, DC does one thing really well, it’s spring. By late March the city has a totally new energy, with residents trading dark wool coats for sandals and park picnics. Bald trees and shrubs change from a drab brown to the neon green of new growth. Flower buds of every color seemingly appear overnight.

This July will mark six years since I moved to DC. That’s six cherry blossom seasons, six rounds of that fleeting time between chilling winter winds and humid swamp summers, six disappointing NHL and NBA playoff bids (when the Caps and Wizards have made it that far), and six years of wandering the city’s streets snapping away at every gorgeous flowering tree I see.

Without a doubt, spring is the season I look forward to most in DC. In fact, I’d stack the District up against any other city in the world this time of year.

Although I still think fall might be the best season to visit, the city is undoubtedly at its most beautiful in the spring.

Here are 20 photos that prove it.

So, have these photos convinced you to visit DC in the spring? Would you point out any other cities for having a beautiful spring showing? Let me know in the comments!

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