San Juan, Puerto Rico

We arrived in San Juan around midday, and everyone was hungry for lunch. We had parked in a garage across the street from a row of restaurants, so we picked one that looked good and grabbed a table outside. Thankfully we were in the shade because it was a scorcher!

After we had finished our meal, a man walked up to us and introduced himself as Jorge Bacardi and handed each of us a cup of coconut ice cream from a street vendor near our table. We were all surprised and thanked him for treating us to dessert. But it didn’t stop there! He then announced that he was buying everyone tequila shots from the restaurant, and proceeded to go inside to make the order. We all looked at each other in mild disbelief, but the restaurant staff assured us that yes, he was one of the Bacardi family members, and no, this wasn’t the first time that this had happened.

We all shared a toast before he went on his way. It was our first introduction to the warm Puerto Rican hospitality we had heard so much about!

Next, we made our way up to the Castillo San Felipe del Morro – the famous fort in Old San Juan at the entrance of the much-disputed San Juan Bay. The streets leading up to the fort were so colorful and picturesque!

San Juan, Puerto Rico

Dress: Loft (similar)
Hat: Lou Lou Boutiques
Belt: Banana Republic (similar)
Sunglasses: Ray-Ban

The buildings along the route were so bright and cheerful. I loved that about the city!

Look! An exotic bird on a street sign!

Exotic bird on a street sign in San Juan, Puerto Rico


I loved this plaza that was just outside of the fortress.

 Plaza in San Juan, Puerto Rico


Then we made it into the fortress and explored all the old rooms and passageways. It was huge!

We finished our day on this beautiful secluded patio. sharing sangria, watching lizards chase each other, and reflecting on the day.

Restaurant patio in San Juan, Puerto Rico

The pretty backyard patio where we sat and sipped sangria.