Surfing lessons in Puerto Rico

I tried surfing for the first time in 2015 in Santa Cruz, California, and was immediately hooked. Thankfully, my travel buddies in Puerto Rico were game for trying some surfing lessons during our vacation.

We made our way to Luquillo, a sleepy surf town on the east side of the island, for our two-hour lesson with Surfing Puerto Rico. The sun was bright and hot so most of us sprung for some official Surfing Puerto Rico t-shirts to wear out in the water.

Surfing Puerto Rico

Before we knew it we were practicing our ready-go-up poses on the beach in the hot sand. The instructor, a former pro surfer from the area, spent about 15 minutes with us on land before we tested our nascent skills in the water.

Surfing lessons in Puerto Rico

Practicing on the sand. Image courtesy of Surfing Puerto Rico.

We made our way into the water to practice in the low surf. Some of our group were naturals and popped right up every time. I struggled mightily but was able to ride a couple waves into shore.

We had the chance to ride about 10-15 waves over the course of the two-hour lesson. It was exhausting pushing the board back and forth through the surf, but I appreciated that they tried to maximize everyone’s time on the boards.

After the lesson, we headed back to the Penthouse in Paradise for a big home-cooked meal. We talked, laughed, and played Catchphrase on the expansive roof deck. It was the perfect way to end such a fun day!
Patio dinner at Inspirato Dorado Puerto Rico

After an active day, it shouldn’t be a surprise that we polished off just about everything on the table.

The Lowdown:

Surf company: Surfing Puerto Rico

Cost: $67/pp for a two-hour group lesson (about 16 people in our group)

Location: Luquillo, Puerto Rico

Would I recommend it? Yes, to a first-time surfer. We were in very shallow surf and with a huge group of people, so anyone with experience will probably want a more one-on-one lesson with individual instruction. But it was an enjoyable experience and the instructors at Surfing Puerto Rico were very knowledgeable. Best of all, they documented the entire experience so we could prove we did it!