Call me uncultured, but I’m not well versed in any kind of music except for what’s popular on the radio. But I do love a good orchestra! I recently had the chance to attend an NSO Pops performance at the John F. Kennedy Center in D.C., where they played some Gershwin numbers accompanied by a pianist and vocal talent.

I managed to convince Francois to join me – I LOVE the arts, but he’s normally not as big of a fan. But we both were eager for a date night and this did the trick!

Our seats were in an interesting single-file arrangement along the balcony. We had a great view of the stage, and Francois was in the perfect position to scratch my back throughout the show.

(Does anyone know what those types of seats are called? Something like the “bus” or the “side car”… let me know in comments!)

I found myself truly in awe of the performance. I wasn’t familiar with any of the Gershwin jazz numbers they played during the show, nor the second-half opera Porgy & Bess, but it was better that way. I was able to close my eyes and lose myself in the layers of string, wind, brass, and percussion sounds; melt to Jose James’ soothing croon; be mesmerized by Jason Moran’s mastery of complex piano numbers; and be deeply moved by Norm Lewis’ and Alicia Hall Moran’s renditions of the Porgy & Bess songs they had performed on Broadway. It was truly a night to remember.

And it was all capped off by the opportunity to go backstage and visit with the talent, including NSO Pops conductor Steven Reineke! I’m still pinching myself a bit.

National Symphony Orchestra performance

Backstage with the NSO conductor and featured talent.

Dress: Ann Taylor (similar)
Shoes: Kelly & Katie (similar)

The Lowdown:

Tickets: $30 through Ivy (a membership organization that I am a part of)

The NSO and NSO Pops schedule of upcoming performances can be found here.