I go home nearly every year for the Fourth of July. The first five years that we lived in Boston, we would go to the Charles River Esplanade and watch the Boston Pops Fireworks Spectacular, and it never disappointed. Since my parents have retired and moved near the Cape, that has become our new destination. In my opinion, there is no better place to be in the summer than in New England, and no better place to be for the Fourth than Massachusetts (yes, this coming from someone who lives in Washington, D.C.).

This Fourth was particularly special because some of our extended family was visiting. We spent lazy days by the pool tossing the football, drinking margaritas, and catching up.

Swimsuit top: Bar III (Macy’s)
Swim bottoms: Calvin Klein (black)

My mom and Aunt Cathy made a delicious all-American feast of slow-cooked ribs, baked potatoes, and pork and beans for the holiday. Mom also made her famous raspberry-blueberry pie – my all-time favorite (I’ll be sure to post about that recipe down the road!).

Cape Cod July 4th

I was clearly more concerned with eating my meal than taking a quality photo of it.

Once our bellies were sufficiently full, we kicked back to watch the Boston Pops Fireworks Spectacular on TV. It’s not as powerful as seeing it live, but it brought back fond memories of when we would go. Demi Lovato and Little Big Town totally brought down the house. And once the fireworks began, we all ran outside to watch them. We are fortunate that our yard is positioned in such a way that we can see fireworks from multiple towns. Francois and I perched in a couple Adirondacks on the beach and enjoyed the view of five fireworks shows in the distance, as well as one a few doors down.

Cape Cod July 4th

The family that laughs together stays together.

Happy Fourth to all!