I got back to Boston for the Fourth of July… finally. Man, I missed this place!

So, technically we were in Brookline, which is just outside of Boston. It is an adorable town. I had only spent a little time in Brookline when my parents first moved to Boston in 2006 and had temporary housing before they got a more permanent place in Dorchester. NOW I see what the appeal is. Cute shops, restaurants, mom and pop stores, tree-lined streets, birds singing… I fell in love quickly. It gave me another reason to love Boston, as if I needed any more.

Our first stop was Emack & Bolio’s while we waited for our friends to get home from work. While there I got to try the most amazing treat ever: a rainbow-sprinkled, chocolate covered s’more. It was called a s’moreo. And whatever was actually on the inside besides the obvious graham cracker and gooey marshmallow, it didn’t matter because it was SO DELICIOUS. Bonus points for being perfectly snack sized.

Next on the food tour of Brookline was Barcelona, a Spanish tapas restaurant that we also have in DC. The weather was threatening all night but we were fortunate to be able to enjoy our dinner outside on the patio before the rain hit. My favorite dish was the pulpo gallego (octopus), which took me right back to the tapas bars of Granada, Spain during my 2008 study abroad. (OK so it’s not Galicia, but hey, they have great pulpo in Granada too.)

Barcelona restaurant patio Brookline Massachusetts

The patio at Barcelona. It threatened rain the whole time but thankfully it held off until we left!

The last, and in my opinion the best, culinary delight of our trip was our host Giancarlo’s unbelievable homemade French toast. I need to get this recipe to share with you all because it was so delicious. According to Giancarlo, he looked at a number of different French toast recipes and took the best parts of each to create his version. I believe it!

Side note: isn’t their dining room just so charming?? (They’re still in the market for dining chairs to place opposite the bench.)

Breakfast in Brookline

Clem & Giancarlo’s dining room, flooded with natural light.

Without further ado, here’s the best French toast ever — made with rosemary, maple syrup, and chilled crème fraîche. 

Breakfast in Brookline

Fancy pants French toast.

All this goodness and we’re less than 24 hours into our visit. You might be wondering how it could possibly get better? Hint: it does!